may yamo phil

My Strengths

illustration of a brain in a lightbulb

Restorative (problem solver)

Creative solutions on tap

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My restorative instincts come from my time in the Navy. It seemed like we were always required to get things done really fast with scant or unsuitable resources for the job while we were hurrying up to wait. Some of my best memories are from the times we improvised together.

illustration of a brain in a lightbulb

Futuristic (forward facing)

The future is bright

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My positive hope for the future comes from two things: my love of technology and my belief that human beings are generally good. The word hope is doing a lot of heavy lifting. It's not going to be easy, but we can collectively make a better future with our best efforts.

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Adaptive (stay flexible)

Some immitations may vary

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It's cliche and immodest to reference Rolling Stones lyrics when you're talking about yourself being adaptable. But I will because you can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need has been a familiar refrain in my life.

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Positivity (positive intent)

We can do this

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We are required to make our own fun for a vast majority of our time on this pale blue dot. And an even vaster amount of time we have zero control whether our expectations will be met or not. So if things are going good, radiate that energy. If things are going badly, suck it up.

illustration of a brain in a lightbulb

Empathy (I feel you)

I'm here for you

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My time during and after my deployments has given me a deadeye's perspective on what it means to care about people. We are all on this journey together. It's my duty to be mindful, kind, and helpful when I am able to do so. Each one of us have different perspectives and experiences to share.

My Inspirations

A fragmentary and impermanent list of fellow humans and their artifacts that inspire me


The depictions of varied dystopias from multiple disciplines have affected my view of life and society. Think Aldus Huxley and John Keats in literature or filmmakers like David Lynch and Paul Thomas Anderson.


The use of language, imagery, and semiotics has impacted every move I have made in my life ‐ and yours as well. Learning how to use these aspects of rhetorical communication for the greater good is hypnotically interesting to me.


If I had to choose inspirations that have had the greatest impact on my life, it would be the expressed perspectives of my favorite stand-up commedians. Bill Hicks, David Cross, and George Carlin quotes fill my head asleep or awake.


My introduction to Noam Chomsky came after I had already served for years in armed conflicts he condemned. I started reading Albert Camus after I realized that I was happier grinding than avoiding the grind.


There's a lot of crossover with my favorite writers, comedians, and thinkers in the genre of grunge music. CDs of Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Rage Against the Machine formed the soundtrack of my early adulthood.


Star Wars and NASA were the center of my universe when I was a kid. Thus began my intense fanhood of the themes and motifs about space produced during that time. My interest has evolved to include feline pop-tart rainbow bouncing.

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